NEW Strings made of recycled material. Top quality rope. Very wear resistant. UV-resistant and very flexible.

The loop is spliced ​​and stitched by hand.
For a little more weight at the end, add a leather popper.


  •     6mm diameter
  •     1.80m long (6ft in US sizes)
  •     loop with eye splice
  •     leather popper, or vegan choice without popper
  •     High-quality recycled rope
  •     Handmade in the Netherlands

    Why you would need a string?

    The string is mainly used as an extension of your stick, but has 1001 other uses as well. A longer reach of the stick is very useful when you are practicing with your horse at a slightly greater distance. With stick and string you can also help your horse getting used to movement around its body and touch in places where you cannot safely reach it (e.g. hind legs).

    The string has a loop to easily attach it to the stick. A string is also long enough for most horses to use as a neck rope.

    The string also comes in handy in the stable or at home, for quickly tying something up. A gate that must remain closed, a hay net whose suspension rope must be replaced... That is why this is the only product of which I always have several in my stable (and in my pocket)

    Why EcoRope?

    Because I want to contribute to a more sustainable world. I want less waste, longer enjoyment of good products, no fast-fashion in the horse world.

    EcoRope is made from recycled material, which is of the same quality as new polyester.

    EcoRope is completely produced in the Netherlands, from raw material to finished product. It is made from recycled material (certificate available) and braided into rope in a factory that runs completely  energy positive (generates more electricity over their solar panels than they need themselves). The ropes are hand spliced by me. No middlemen, no long transport chains, just a good product that you will enjoy for a long time.

    PS: I also pay attention to the environment when shipping. I will send it to you in a completely plastic-free packaging. No tape or plastic stickers. No worries, just discard the complete package with other waste paper (or even better: use it again). I prefer carriers that compensate CO2, or work with bicycle couriers, unfortunately this is not yet possible everywhere.

String Best Quality

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