The best lead rope for daily groundwork. Sturdy and durable, you will enjoy this for years to come.

This lead rope has a sturdy braided exterior of recycled polyester, which is very durable and long-lasting.
The braided core gives this lead rope the right weight and a good feeling in the hand.

What do you use the 12ft lead rope for?

The 12ft lead rope is the indispensable basic item in your horse equipment. The 12ft length gives your horse room to move.

I myself use these lead ropes daily, to get my horses out of the pasture, to put them in the cleaning place (never tied up, but the lead rope wrapped twice around a beam). It is a fine length for all basic groundwork. I also use it for walking, to lead a hand horse. When I want to ride while on a hike, this lead rope is long enough to tie into reins. My current lead rope has been around for 8 years and is still not worn out.

Why EcoRopes?

Because I want to contribute to a more sustainable world. I want less waste, longer enjoyment of good products, no fast fashion in the horse world. EcoRope is made from recycled material, which is of the same quality as new plastic.


14mm thick, flexible rope (braided jacket and core)
The right weight for fine groundwork
Clip easy to replace
Optionally finished with (vegan) leather
Made from recycled material :-)

Leadrope EcoRope 12ft

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